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July 07, 2015: What are the characteristics of today’s optimists, pessimists and realists? How do they act in the changing situations in the society and the consumer market? Our signature project “Crisis biographies” is dedicated to this topic. The project started in March, 2015 and will continue at least until the New Year.

July 07, 2015: GRaSS-4: We trust doctors, but we doctor ourselves on our own!

February 25, 2015: On Feb, 25th, 2015 MarketSense held a conference “Forecasts and Opportunities” at GUM’s cinema hall!

February 13, 2015: MarketSense is pleased to announce the launch of its own online platform MarketStream

December 15, 2014:  MarketSense is celebrating anniversary – 10 years!

December 2, 2014: MarketSense is the first Russian research agency to receive the certificate of OIROM standard of quality!

July 23, 2014: GRaSS-3: Germany and Russia – Leaders of the Safe and Green products rating list. China and USA — leaders of the anti-rating list!

April 16, 2014: GRaSS-2: My choice — “Green planet” and Socially Responsible Company

March 3, 2014: GRaSS – who is willing to pay more for brands with social responsibility?

February 19, 2014: MarketSense in now a member of EphMRA!

October 15, 2013: We have developed a new program of seminars and trainings

December 28, 2012: MarketSense is one of the first Corporate ESOMAR members!

January 12, 2012: MarketSense is now a member of OIROM – the first Russian association of professional research agencies

December 24, 2011 We are celebrating our 7th anniversary!

December 2011 is 7th year since the foundation of our company. To celebrate this significant date we have made valuable and useful souvenirs, such as MarketSense t-shirts, that symbolize the cohesion of our research team and the love to lucky seven. You can relax, meditate, exercise or do physical and mental work in them. Congratulate a person wearing such a t-shirt with MarketSense’s 7th anniversary if you see one at our office or out in the street!

27 October, 2010  MarketSense for the first time presented their new signature project “Generations” during ESOMAR off-site seminar in Moscow. ESOMAR members, representatives of research agencies and companies participated in the seminar.

December 24, 2009  Today is December 24 and it is 5th anniversary of MarketSense’s founding.

We have worked hard all these years and as a result we have created a successful and stable company. We have executed a lot of interesting projects; have developed new methods and found many new friends.

Congratulate us and wish us luck in the next five years.

Thanks to everyone who chooses MarketSense!

September 20, 2009  MarketSense participated in the trade fair which was held at the annual ESOMAR Congress (Montreux, Switzerland. September 15-18, 2009).

August 20, 2009.  MarketSense is now a partner of the FocusVision global network.

December 25, 2008 In January 2009 our company is opening a Hall-Test Center. The Center is fully technically equipped to carry out the following types of research projects: