Qualitative Research

  • Focus group discussions of all types
  • Brainstorm with respondents and clients as well (mix-session for development of new products and concepts)
  • Including dyads and triads
  • Expert interviews
  • Participant observation
  • Consumer diaries
  • Accompanied shopping
  • A unique MarketSense own development based on the method of "Provocative Discourse» ®
  • The method was initially introduced at the ESOMAR international conference in 2005
  • The method received coverage in Russian and International specialized media
  • Successfully used in researches since 2005
  • MarketSense’s signature methodology
  • A quan-qual consumer segmentation based on identifying cognitive frames in the category
  • The possibility of segmentation based on frameset was first announced at part of “Transformation-1” project on MarketSense’s client conference.
  • The method has been successfully used in ad-hoc studies since 2007
  • Using all available media resources
  • Seminars on advanced methods of research and signature methodology.
  • Video illustration of individual insights


We believe that properly selected method and strict quality control of respondents’ recruitment - a necessary condition for ensuring the reliability of research results. We use:

  • Snowball method for easily accessible customer segments;
  • Individual approach to the recruitment of representatives of hard-to-reach target audiences;
  • MULTI-LEVEL RECRUITMENT CONTROL SYSTEM (including passport control of EACH respondent), and respondents data base.