GraSS-projectFind out social responsibility attitudes and behavior of your consumers with GRaSS!

MarketSense has started a new branded corporate project, GRaSS (GReen And Sustainable Strategies), to pay a sound contribution to social responsibility research and to monitor the impact of social values on consumption.

This initiative will be carried out as our ongoing multi-wave project. We will regularly provide information to all interested parties on people’s attitudes and behavior related to charity, environment and other socially alert issues.

We are convinced that significance of these topics and their impact on consumer motivations and brand loyalty will grow considerably in future.

The research results will be made public on quarterly basis following the completion of every project wave.

The first four waves of the survey have already been completed. They cover consumers from MarketSense database in the age group between 18 and 45 years, based in Moscow. The sample size of each wave is 1000 respondents.

You may learn more about method and findings below:

GRaSS Results

Wave 1

GRaSS Results

Wave 2

GRaSS Results

Wave 3

GRaSS Results

Wave 4

Результаты GRaSS

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