Read us again in Russian Food&Drinks market magazine

Posted on 04.08.2017 Under News

This summer read us again in Russian Food&Drinks market magazine!

The article “If that were  possible to forbid forbidding.. ”,  published in edition  № 4 (163), 2017, p. 32  has been  elaborated based on results of the cross-cultural study “Kids’ nutrition”, carried out during  the Fall’2016  in Moscow and Warsaw by our company and Polish research institute ALMARES.

Our research shows that though moms in Russia and Poland share common view on the basic principles of kids’ nutrition (natural products, well-balanced diet, every-day hot meals), their vision of harmful products differs substantially.  For example, Russian moms refer critically to  RTE cereals, considering them to be a source of  ‘hidden sugars’, which may eventually lead to diabetes , meanwhile RTE cereals are a very popular kids’ breakfast in Poland; vice-a-versa,  it is typical for Russia to include   in kids’ menu diverse products made of wheat flour  – biscuits, buns, patties, spaghetti , while Polish moms tend to avoid them as they contain gluten, that may cause  problems with  gastrointestinal tract and allergic reactions.

Meanwhile, kids display impressive unity in their preferences, voting for kids’ chocolate, chips, spaghetti, sausages, packed juices and milkshakes.

The favorite brand of today’s global kids is Kinder; Russian list of kids’ favorites also includes Tchudo, Agusha, and FrutoNanya.   Can’t miss taking a chance to congratulate the winners of Kids’ Rating


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