Munich – center of the world market research industry

Posted on 13.11.2017 Under News

The best research trade show Research&Results is over. The second year in a row, we participate in this fantastic show of talent and technology together with our Polish partners from ALMARES. This time, our stand was located by the beating heart of R&R – Innovation Area – new open space where leaders of the industry were presenting their last inventions non-stop. Though the most part of reports were delivered in German (to our regret) – the innovation spirit was in the air!

Exhibition means new contacts, meeting with long-time clients, joining the world of new digital technologies and design-thinking methodology, gifts and souvenirs, crazy Russian party, Bavarian hospitality and plenty of beer, of course!

In 2017 #R&R accommodated 179 exhibitors (including our stand), more than 3000 guests and more than 100 workshops, sharing new opportunities and inspiring business ideas. Taking into account the number of Russian researches showed up at the Munich exhibition we believe Moscow will become a heart of the world market research industry soon thanks to our local exhibition Research Expo!

See more details in our photo report and at R&R website.