Market Research in Russia & CIS

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MarketSense achievements over past 10 years

  • More than 11 years on the market

  • More than 250 clients

  • More than 2 400 projects

  • More than 90 000 respondents in the database

Our Initiatives

Why MarketSense?

  • In-house facilities for conducting focus groups and a own location for hall tests in Moscow
  • Network of dedicated outsource contractors for the organization of research in the regions of Russia and CIS countries
  • Reliable suppliers of Internet resources panels, call centers and software
  • Continued cooperation and exchange of experience with leading international research agencies

In December 2014 LLC "MarketSense" was the first agency on the Russian research market that has been successfully certified according to the quality standards of OIROM

Membership in associations and professional partnership




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Our own platform for online forum, chats & home tasks with possibility to upload content from any devices.

Tools & methods
  • ProvoSense®: Provocative qualitative interviewing
  • Market Framing: Qualitative and Quantitative segmentation based on cognitive frames
  • PreDisPositions: Quantitative copy testing based on nonverbal semantic scales
Personal data processing

MarketSense is registered as personal data operator in Roskomnadzor. We have a right to collect and analyze personal data in Russia. Registry entry can be found here.

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